Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Recent beers from Confluence, C.I.B., Exile, Flix.

The Frére Jacques from Confluence Brewing, left, is a bright, invigorating saison. Tongue-curling, refreshing. The Strawberry Tart from C.I.B. Brewery, right, recently on tap at Firetrucker Brewery. Color of homemade jam, lovely fruit flavor. Would make a fine vinaigrette substitute.

Beers from Exile Brewing. Oh Kee Pale Ceremony, left, is bodied but hoppy. Both refreshing and flavorful. A good beer for the changing of the season. Praha Dark Czech Lager, center. Initial smoke gives way to rich, roasted malt and hops. Finishes bright. Nightfall Porter, right, roasted malt and caramel clings to the palate. A robust brew best suited for harsh winter months.

More beers from Exile. The Cascade Session Black IPA, right. Light on bitterness, heavy cocoa on first taste, then mellows. Makes me desirous for Maytag Blue Cheese and Rubschlager Pumpernickel. Dry-hopped Imperial Squat IPA, center, sports a caramel-rich malt and appealing head. Another dry-hopped beer, the Lucha Libre, right, brings Old and New World malts together for a clean, yet sturdy lager.

Quadzilla, left, a bourbon barrel aged quadrupple at Flix Brewhouse. Rich caramel malt; its liquid flan! Also from Flix, the Age of Ultron, right, brewed with malted oats, wheat, and orange blossom honey. Crisp yet well bodied.

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