Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Food Trucks Ahoy!

This year, the food truck scene in Des Moines has exploded beyond neighborhood taquerias and catering at local breweries. Several food truck festivals have been held, and popular places to find a truck include Western Gateway Park, the parking lot north of the Lucas State Office Building and east of the State Capitol, Des Moines City Hall, and the Regency West office park on Westown Parkway in West Des Moines. Breweries including Confluence, 515, and Firetrucker continue to be destinations as well. Below are a just a few of the vendors-on-wheels plying their way into our stomachs.

Powered by Fries serves up first rate Belgian-style fries with excellent sauces and toppers. The fries exhibit a golden, crisp exterior, but are oh so fluffy on the inside. A light sprinkling of salt complements. As for dipping sauces, the beer mustard aioli is thick and creamy. zesty and lightly sweet. Their curry ketchup is sweet at first, then warming spices blossom on the palate, tickling the nose. Wunderbar!

What I can say about the steak taco from Roadside Tacos is 'Whoa!' With tender beef, familiar spices, plus a zippy salsa, I fought the urge for seconds.

Street Eats DSM brightened my summer with gourmet 'sammiches' and an excellent poutine. Their basic poutine, golden brown fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, is crispy, cheesy, salty, and gravy [as noun and verb].

Street Eats DSM's Grinder with Italian sausage with fries, onions, peppers, marinara, and cheese sauce is delicious and filling. I'd love to see this sans hoagie as a poutine.

Stumbling onto 515 Pi's parked on Mulberry, I excitedly ordered a Bacon & Blue with bacon, poblano, caramelized onion, and blue cheese. Its some kind of awesome!

At Taco Loco I enjoyed a trio of tacos with carne molida, cilantro and onion. The ground beef is simple and clean tasting, but a single corn tortilla isn't sturdy enough for this moist filling. Both roja and verde salsas are zesty!

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