Saturday, November 14, 2015

Random Bits of Ankeny

Ooh! Berries along an abandoned rail line. Yum!

Eating potato chips in the cemetery. Where else?

A tall White Russian at the Yankee Clipper. As good as it gets.

Can't beat a Bloody Mary and a beer-back at The Yankee Clipper, for just four bucks. Not even with a nail-studded bat.

So its okay to dump waste at grates that don't drain to a river?

Blue sky, green needles on the DMACC Ankeny Campus.

Where's Floppy?

Hops in sunlight at Firetrucker Brewery.

Dog rules. Applies more so to humans, IMHO.

Not Ankeny, but close enough. The view from the Visitors' Center at Saylorville Lake.

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