Friday, November 13, 2015

Random Bits of Bar Detritus

Sam Miller performing at the Coda Lounge.

A fine brew! The Rye to Me Belgian rye at 515 Brewing Company. Spicy, like a rye whiskey or a dark bread. Wakes the palate!

The graffiti in the wimmin's head at Carl's Place is way more interesting than what's in the men's.

The tap beer at The Keg Stand goes back from whence it came, sorta.

A pitcher of adjunct beer at Carl's Place. Sad that Michelob Amber Bock is gone from the tap.

A busy afternoon at Madhouse Brewing Company.

Oh my, Salt Lake. At Carl's Place.

There's many colors in the Jell-O shot rainbow at LD's Corner Bar.

What is it about a pizza box that garners attention? At Firetrucker Brewery.

Hoffa. At Shorty's.

Mucho magnifico pour of Makers Mark at Buddy's Corral. And for six bucks its a deal!

I do like Bush [sic] in buckets.

That moment when you realize the beer tap drip pan is not a batch of brownies.

Some beers deserve a striking backdrop. At Malo.

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