Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Recent breakfasts: Chain vs. Local.

A double-smoked bacon, egg, and cheddar breakfast sandwich at Starbucks. Delineation between white and yolk is a bit disconcerting, but otherwise its a passable sandwich.

This breakfast sandwich at Sidebar with bacon, egg, cheddar, and a dijon aioli reminds me in bun texture of the Croissan'wich served down the street at Burger King, but with actual flavor.

I rarely visit Panera Bread but I do like their baked egg souffl├ęs, such as this with spinach and bacon. I don't know if the sausage on this breakfast panini was turkey or pork, but it had a rubbery texture and mild flavor I usually associate with the former.

'Meaty' bialy from Scenic Route Bakery. Bacon, ham, egg, cheese, veggies, on a wee-sized focaccia. It has eclipsed their mini-cheese quiche as my favorite item at Scenic Route.

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