Friday, December 4, 2015

Sweet eats of late.

Enticing squares of fudge from Scheels at Jordan Creek Town Center. Clockwise from top left: rich Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt is to die for; Des Moines River Bottom with layers of chocolate and vanilla fudges plus caramel and chips; Snickers fudge is packed with plenty of peanuts and caramel to satisfy; nutty Chocolate Walnut.

Chocolate covered pretzel stick, left, from Nan's Nummies in Valley Junction. A quick sweet and salty fix. As good as the chocolate variety are, an added layer of caramel, right, jacks up the pleasure. Way more satisfying than a Twix bar.

A voluminous, flaky croissant at Scenic Route Bakery hides a secret within. Its chocolate!

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