Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pleasure by-the-slice awaits at Taste of New York Pizza

I had the good fortune to enjoy a thick crusted Sicilian-style pizza recently at Taste of New York Pizza, located at 165 S. Jordan Creek Parkway in West Des Moines. This baby measured 16 x 16 inches, adding up to twelve hearty squares! Crisp bottom, soft interior, smack between airy and dense, even springy as cold leftovers for breakfast the next day. On this build I ordered half T.O.N.Y.'s Special Meat and half Vegetable Pie. The T.O.N.Y.'s Special Meat side featured pepperoni, an abundance of sliced link sausage and meatball, plus mozzarella and marinara. Grape tomatoes on the Vegetable Pie side popped with flavor, along with mushroom, onion, black olive, and strips of green and red bell pepper.

Pizza by the slice is the main attraction at Taste of NY Pizza whether it be the aforementioned Sicilian-style or a thin, wide slice of New York-style, along with other Italian specialties like Chicken Parmigiana rolls and rice balls. I was quite taken by the slices of the Lasagna pizza with great dollops of ricotta, plus meatball, mozzarella, and marinara, and hope to stuff a few slices into my maw upon my next visit.

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