Thursday, April 7, 2016

Brunch at Malo: Stuff yourself silly with tacos

My first brunch plate at Malo, clockwise from lower right: quiche, corned beef and hash browns, macaroni and cheese, breakfast sausage, Malo Benedict, fruit salad. The quiche is, simply put, a steamed egg and vegetable casserole with a cheese topping. The hand-pattied breakfast sausage was delicious but cool in temperature; it put me off a revisit, even for bacon. The Benedict was mildly decent for a steam table offering. Fruit salad sported ubiquitous chunks of melon and pineapple, but also offered cucumber, jicama, and a chile seasoning sprinkle.

The Bloody Mary bar was rather decent. Highlights included a choice of tomato mixers, one spicy the other not, crispy bacon, asparagus spears, and a slew of bottled sauces for an extra kick.

Biscuits and gravy were moderately good. Superb biscuits; gravy was quite loose, I had to fish for the sausage from the bottom of the serving pan. The biggest draw for brunch is all-you-care-to-eat tacos, such as this trio of Carne Molida (ground beef) tacos.

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