Thursday, May 19, 2016

Out and about in the East Village

Drink tea. Even the lowliest slob looks more sophisticated with a cup in hand.

Hot tea with sugar at Gong Fu Tea.

My teacup is frowning.

A happy, healthy bar dog, at the The Locust Tap, pushing 16 years of age.

Thor gets a lap dance from a Blonde Fatale.

Didn't Old Style used to have, like, flavor?

A garlic butter and blue cheese croissant from Scenic Route Bakery. As delicious as I had hoped. Cheesy, crispy, flaky, buttery.

Deliciously roasty, creamy Turner Alley Brewing Foreign Export Stout, on tap at the Iowa Taproom. Mother's milk.

A great day at The Blazing Saddle when they offered bowls of gourmet snack mix.

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