Sunday, May 29, 2016

Heavy duty beers enjoyed at Exile Brewing Co.

Raspberry Bohemian sour ale, or as how I would have named it, Bohemian Raspberry. Its like a sour hard candy that doesn't lose its pucker-inducing exterior.

Hey, hey, hey! Its Fat Abbot! A Belgian quadrupel that's lush with dried fruits. Sweet enough to mask the 9.5% ABV.

"You see this beer is a bad…" "SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" "But I'm talkin' about the Bad Bishop Tripel."

Sir Moch-A-Lot, an imperial mocha stout with cocoa from Chocolaterie Stam. I go coo-coo for this stout!

Cherry Bohemian sour ale. Welcome to Tartsville! Idea: Can we get a lime wedge for garnish?

Zoo Brew APA is hoppy enough to take notice, but easy drinking for an uneducated palate.

Blood Orange Bohemian is a keeper!

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