Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On the road and rails to Las Vegas

Traveling shoes, left. Hand-dyed, a gift from Yvonne during my last visit to Reno. On the road, aboard Burlington Trailways, center. Illinois ahead, right, over the Great River Bridge across the Mississippi River.

A world-class spanakopita, left, can be found at Uncle Billy's Bakery on Seminary Street in Galesburg. I love it! Hard to resist passing through this part of Central Illinois without snagging a bag of Kitchen Cooked potato chips, above and right. A local favorite!

I do like my train porn, and Galesburg is a nexus of activity. A consist headed by BNSF 7334, left, rolling west through Galesburg. BNSF 7744, 4510, 1013, and 1106, right, heading east.

Breakfast aboard Amtrak, left. Omelet, grits, bacon, croissant, plus coffee, for $18.25. Ouch! Halfway between La Junta and Trinidad, Colorado, center. Right, my most favorite view on board: from where we came.

Looking south towards Fishers Peak, left, on the Colorado/New Mexico border. The old watering hole in Starkville, Colorado, right.

Passing through Ratón Tunnel from Colorado to New Mexico, aboard the westbound Southwest Chief.

Out on the vast expanse between Raton and Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Left, shock of unkempt hair two rows of seats behind me won't STFU, he's either on the phone or chatting with his bromance across the aisle. On a full van to Vegas leaving from Kingman, center. I'm in all the way back, with eleven people packed in. And that talkative SOB from the train? Sitting right next to me, reeking of B.O. Right, after the van ride and two city bus connections. No sleep 'til...

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