Friday, June 17, 2016

Roberto's Taco Shop takes on Reno

Roberto’s Taco Shop began in 1964 as San Diego’s first walk up and drive-thru taco shop. Since then Roberto's has expanded to over 65 restaurants in California and Nevada, with the vast majority of locations operating in the Las Vegas metro.

In 2016 Roberto's opened a location in Reno at 801 N. Virginia St. Turnout for the Reno grand opening was so great, serving over 600 people in the span of ten hours, the restaurant ran out of food and had to temporarily close. A first in the history of the chain!

The chile relleno and cheese enchilada plate, left, features a battered poblano chile stuffed with Monterrey Jack, and a cheddar stuffed enchilada, both are topped with a red enchilada sauce, lettuce, cheddar and cotija cheese, plus sides of rice and beans. I wish the plasticware was sturdier enough to cut through the fleshy chile. The chorizo burrito, right, is a dense, filling amalgam of Mexican pork sausage and scrambled eggs. One of the better examples of the dish that I've long enjoyed.

A chile relleno burrito, left, would have been near perfect if not that the poblano chile only occupied one half the burrito, the very half pictured. Competent house salsas, center. Right, a solid bacon, egg, potato, and cheese breakfast burrito. I appreiciated the crispness of the bacon.

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