Thursday, August 4, 2016

Appetizers and a fine Grinder at The Iowa Taproom

The Italian Grinder at the Iowa Taproom is a fine sandwich, featuring Graziano Brothers' Italian sausage with marinara, onions, Anaheim and red Bell peppers, all stuffed in a grilled Italian roll and topped with melted Provolone. Its not too spicy, but quite flavorful and juicy underneath the cap of melted cheese. The grilled Italian roll betrayed an enticing aroma of garlic and stayed quite toasted. Hollowing out and stuffing the roll with the meat filling was genius. Think of a pizza boat upgraded to container ship. Battered onion rings sport a light, crispy exterior; a bit oily but I'm game to revisit them.

Iowa Ham Balls, glazed with sweet and sour sauce over grilled pineapple. Tender, delicate ham flavor. Lovely grilled flavor to the pineapple, though I'd prefer them warm than lightly chilled as they were served.

Kielbasa Fritters feature a crisp exterior, with a hearty mélange of finely cut kielbasa, sauerkraut, onion, and cheddar within. So rich, the side of Thousand Island dressing is overkill. I did dab it onto the bed of shredded cabbage for an ersatz slaw.

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