Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Drinks hot and cold in the East Village

A hot steamy pot of Queen's Blend from Gong Fu Tea, left. A strong brew with Assam at its base, with some Darjeeling for a lingering astringincy. Also from Gong Fu, right, Seven Sons Bing Cha. The king of puerh teas, IMHO, is delightfully earthy with musty notes.

A Nitro Blonde, left, at Peace Tree Brewing's brand new brewery and tap room in Des Moines. Its their signature Belgian strong ale but smoother on the palate. Bright, fruity, 8.5% ABV. Center, a gorgeous looking copper still. The exemplary Royale 41, right, an American Imperial IPA, made with 'Merican & Kiwi hops: they 'parallel' well. 100 IBU, 9% ABV.

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