Friday, June 16, 2017

Back to Reno for more eats

After my bus ride from Las Vegas, I begged my host into a dinner of basic Mexican comfort food and margaritas, which we found at Murrieta's Restaurant & Cantina on S. Virginia. I wolfed down an El Toro plate, below left, featuring chile relleno, taco, and enchilada.

Above right, The penultimate meal of my trip was the Hawaiian Benedict at Peg's Glorified Ham n Eggs on S. Sierra, with a split King's Hawaiian roll, fried SPAM, poached eggs, brown gravy, grilled onions and peppers, plus sides of macaroni salad (like a proper Hawaiian plate lunch) and a plank of golden hash browns.


Everything was delicious, with only a melon rind and strawberry stem remaining on the plate. The brown gravy and the macaroni salad were particularly noteworthy, and that's saying a lot being adjacent to those glorious hash browns.

I love trying odd flavors but a rosewater-pistachio-saffron gelato, right, at bibo coffee company. ‏had me questioning what I was tasting, if anything other than its sweetness. Odd pieces reminiscent of white chocolate but devoid of flavor furthered my quizzical state.

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