Thursday, June 15, 2017

Desert Bus 2.0

This time going northbound on U.S. Highway 95, heading back to Reno. The DVD player wasn't working so I was granted a reprieve from watching crappy movies, but an undisciplined child two rows behind me made the journey not as quiet as I hoped. That and another nine-and-a-half hour bus ride in the span of a week left me somewhat road-weary.

Looks calm and relaxing, but the little monster seated two rows behind me would be a buzz-kill for the majority of the trip.

Snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevadas in the distance, with a portion of Lone Mountain in the foreground left.

Left, An all too familiar scene along U.S. Highway 95. Right, At Hawthorne for a 30 minute break, I went to the bar at the El Capitan and downed several Bushmills on the rocks. For three dollars each, it was a bargain.

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