Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Quest for coffee

Utterly crestfallen with the closing of The Beat Coffeehouse & Records at Fremont & Sixth, I did some research and found another local coffee shop, PublicUs, about six blocks further east at the intersection with Maryland Parkway.

This stretch of Fremont hasn't seen much for redevelopment with the white elephant of the former Western Hotel & Casino smack dab in the middle, a dive so sketchy I avoided it altogether over the several decades I've visited Las Vegas. I wasn't expecting much along the way, aside from keeping my distance from the occasional schizophrenic. I was more than amused at what I did stumble across.

A big can of Pabst Blue Ribbon

What happens in… for the love of God! WTF is happening here?!?!

What happens in Las Vegas dies, eventually. But not without some charm.

Left, "…Love, life's sweetest reward." Right, You'll have to wait for the mug to cool down to pick it up, but the coffee within is quite good! $3.25 + free refills at PublicUs. On this visit it was a bright, robust coffee from Timor.

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