Saturday, June 3, 2017

The ups and downs of dining aboard Amtrak

An Asian noodle bowl, below left, I had for my first dinner aboard Amtrak's California Zephyr was okay, but a few of the tofu squares were semi-frozen. Glad it wasn't meat! I fared much better with desserts like lemon tart, below center, and a warm chocolate mini-bundt cake with a caramel drizzle, below right. However a lunch-time cheesecake served on the return trip was sad in presentation and way too sweet.

During that same lunch, a black bean burger I had ordered was accidentally served to someone across the table from me and in turn I got their Angus beef burger. It says a lot about our burger patties in that we didn't notice the flip-flop until after we both had put condiments on each and I had taken a bite. We both just shrugged and ate what we had though the black bean burger was clearly not to her liking. I'm surprised she didn't bring this up with our server, but being an inexperienced traveler from another country, she may have been reticent to complain.

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