Thursday, July 20, 2017

Coffee on the Western Gateway horizon

The in-house-roasted coffee at Horizon Line Coffee on Walnut Street is legit. So nice on my first visit I returned later… enjoying both filter and cold brew that day.

Pairing a vegan Chili Lime doughnut, left, with a complimenting beverage of the barista's suggestion, a fine Chemex pour-over of Bukeye Nyarucamo from Burundi. Center, Other doughnuts featured this day were Ginger Chai and Grapefruit Tarragon. Wednesdays and Sundays are doughnut days. Scones and cookies usually round out the selection of vegan baked goods. Sparkling Earl Grey tea, right, along with vanilla and milk goes into Horizon Line's London Fog. I had to try the carbonated tea by itself. If you're down with sparkling mineral waters you might enjoy this as is. I'm certainly more down with trying a proper London Fog now.

Left, Small batch in-house roasting ups the freshness factor. Center and right, Some basics and specialties at Horizon Line Coffee.

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