Thursday, June 23, 2011

El Chisme Strikes Again!

Pizza Mexicana Supreme. With a special slice from the chef. Oh boy!

Two weeks ago after a mild drunkening at Gif Wagner’s 5th St. Pub in Valley Junction, I wandered down the street to El Chisme Taqueria & Pizzeria to slake my beer-heightened hunger.

Being my second visit to the new digs, and my first for the dinner shift, I was taken aback by all the young, fresh, unfamiliar servers. Happily Chef Jesus popped by my table for a hearty handshake and a promise for a special surprise.

On my last visit, I was blown away with El Chisme’s breakfast pizza [see blog post]. Today, the Pizza Mexicana Supreme held sway over my appetite, along with a refreshing Jarritos Toronja (grapefruit) soda.

With whole pinto beans, jalapeños, white onion, banana peppers, bacon and chorizo, the Supreme is solid, hearty fare, Savory chorizo and crispy chunks of bacon pair well with the creamy texture of the pintos. Coarsely sliced onions and chiles add even more flavor.

The special surprise from Chef Jesus came in the form of one slice adorned with a red onion-habanero relish. A marvelous combination, boasting a nice kick. I requested a small container to go, which I enjoyed the next day for breakfast along with a leftover half of a chorizo and egg burrito from Abelardo’s [see blog post].

UPDATE: El Chisme – now known simply as Chisme – no longer offers brekfast.

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Amy said...

Yay, you had a toronja! That pizza looks amazing. Grant has a recipe on Iowa Foodie for Mexican Pickled Onions. They are the go-to condiment in our house.