Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet Binney's: Evil has a pleasing taste.

As soon as I saw the tweet from Sweet Binney’s (@sweetbinney) about their experimental chocolate chip bourbon pecan bacon tart I had to get in on this.

Firm, tasty crust. Filling pert near same to pecan pie, but with added bits of crispy bacon and miniature chocolate chips. Unless you run into a cluster of chips, the chocolate is easily lost in the rich, darkly sweet filling. A smidgen more bacon would be nice, but still overall a fine dessert that satisfies the sweet tooth. A strong cup of coffee would balance well with the richness.

If bacon were to be the primary player in a variant of this tart I would strongly suggest Torani Bacon Syrup as an added flavoring agent, if not just for its aggressive aroma.

Seeking a savory counterpart I snagged a delightfully simple ham and cheese croissant. The slightly sweet croissant paired with tangy cheese and thin-sliced ham is about the lightest treatment one could imagine for the traditional ham and cheese sandwich. A spoonful of Dijon mustard on the side to dab into would complete the effect.

Other items from Sweet Binney’s that float my boat are the spinach and cheese croissant and the sinfully decadent dark chocolate mousse cake [see blog posts here, and here].

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