Monday, December 5, 2011

Cheese Castle Pizza. Meh.

Who can argue with the Everything Sauce Man?
Recently I took a bus ride down S.W. Ninth to snag some grub from Rock Power Pizza. I’ve been a big fan of their bottled Everything Sauce for some time and was looking forward to trying their pizza. Alas, I happened upon the place ninety minutes before they opened.

Being bereft of funds I couldn’t wile away the time downing suds nearby so I caught the next bus south, hit an ATM, and walked over to Cheese Castle Pizza.

I found it closed as well, and looking from the outside it appeared to have passed the way of the dodo. Dejected I walk into the adjacent Southport Sports Bar for a pitcher of beer to drown my sorrows.

Looking through a pint of Fat Tire I spy a bar patron yapping away with a dude through a window carved between the bar and Cheese Castle. After Chatty Cathy got herself a basket of fried cheese sticks, I scoped out the pizza portal. Turns out the place wasn’t closed but just understaffed. The lone employee had been out on delivery.

Hopeful for a reversal of fortune I ordered up a pepperoni and onion. Twenty minutes later with pizza in hand, I settle back at the bar for my repast.

A floppy slice with a decent amount of cheese, it wouldn't take much more to overload the thin crust. Pepperoni nestled underneath the cheese is plentiful enough, but not much for onion.

Considering that a better pizza can be had across the street at the Tavern South [see blog post] and a far superior crust is just a few blocks down and round the corner on Ninth at Bordenaro's [see blog post], I'll go with Cheese Castle only if I'm trying to get my drunk on in the dark, spacious Southport.

Another bar pizza of note in the neighborhood can be had at the County Line Cafe [see blog post] a few blocks east of the corner of S.E. Fifth and County Line Road.

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