Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's not a tumor! It's Tumea & Sons. Pasta la feasta, baby.

It was a frustrating Friday night back in November when I was out and about looking for food and drink. The afternoon started off well with a tea date at Gong Fu followed by a couple of bottles of Guinness Extra Stout at Buddy’s Corral.

Afterward I wandered south, briefly distracted by a fireworks display off the Walnut Street Bridge. Every time I’ve tried going to The Garden for a drink I either come by on a day when they’re closed or not open yet as in this instance.

Further south I find Chicago Pub & Hot Dog open. I’ve frequented the place a few times [see blog post], but on one occasion had to back right out the door when the joint was crowded and noisy. It wasn’t a full boat this night, but the noisy acoustics still made eating here not an option.

Across the Scott Street Bridge I traversed hoping the vibe at Tumea & Sons would work for me. Though busy, the atmosphere was more conducive to enjoying a nice meal. Expecting a wait for a proper table I zeroed in on a cocktail table with high stools.

For an appetizer I order up the combo meat and cheese toasted ravioli. Supremely crisp yet yielding exterior. With savory meat filling and seasoned creamy ricotta, I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite. First rate! The marinara dipping sauce is looser than I expected but clung well to the ravioli. On the plus side it makes a wonderful tomato soup. I slurped it down with relish.

The creamy Parmesan adorning the side-salad has a definite texture of grated cheese within it, and a sweetness akin to French dressing but with a pleasant tone of garlic to balance the flavor.

For the main course I try the pastachena, a baked casserole of penne rigate with chopped meatball, egg, red sauce and mozzarella. One of the better baked pasta dishes I've had in a long time. Delicious! And the warm Italian dinner rolls show their true calling to sop up the zesty red sauce.

My only issue was the tall stool I sat upon. By the time I got my leftovers packed and ready to go, Little Beavis was in a deep, deep coma.

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