Monday, November 28, 2011

Godfather's Sunday brunch buffet. Meh.

UPDATE: Godfather's has since stopped serving breakfast buffet.

Always on the hunt for buffets, I walked out to Godfather’s Pizza on Hickman in Urbandale to try their Sunday breakfast brunch.

The breakfast pizza is pretty decent hot from the oven. Lots of egg and sausage or bacon, with a creamy cheese layer underneath. Nothing earth-shattering like the breakfast pizzas served by either Fong’s or Chisme [see blog review], but certainly a step-up from Casey’s.

Tater tot casserole has the unmistakable taste of industrial onion flavor. Pretty sure these are Ore-Ida Onion Tater Tots. Some bits of bacon, and cheese make it slightly more palatable to eat, but just. I could just be snobbish too. After you’ve tried the deep fried tater tots at the High Life Lounge, you’re pretty much spoiled for any other.

Breakfast buffet French toast sticks tend to be an abomination. These are par.

The biscuits and gravy are hands down the best breakfast item offered. Good peppery white gravy, almost floral with perceptions of lavender on the nose and palate. Uh oh, I’m being snobby again. Biscuits are okay. I borrowed a page from Fong’s and slathered the gravy atop the breakfast pizza.

A few tomato sauce based pizzas, garlic cheese bread, and salad bar are included in the price.

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