Thursday, December 29, 2011

Your hunger. Kill it with a skillet of hash from Hash House A Go Go.

Visiting the famous Hash House A Go Go’s new Las Vegas location in the reboot of The Plaza Hotel & Casino, I pondered the inventive breakfast selections on their menu while I quaffed on appropriate liquids.

The freshly squeezed OJ hits the spot. Bonus for lots of pulp. Coffee is first rate too. Primed, I order up the meatloaf hash with roasted peppers, fresh spinach, smoked mozzarella, atop crispy potatoes, served with two eggs of your choice and a biscuit.

Presentation is kick-ass, from the large 'kill-a-man' cast-iron skillet to the sprig of rosemary jutting up from the voluminous biscuit. Large cubes of hearty meatloaf are rich and spiced. Skin-on potatoes are also equally substantive. Browned over all surfaces, likely deep-fried. Larger pieces are just barely underdone in the middle but still great home fries. The mélange of red, green and yellow bell peppers with spinach is perfectly tender, yet still bright with color. The gooey mozzarella binds the components together without drowning them out. Slapping my over-easy eggs atop takes this "hash" to a whole new level of oral pleasure.

The biscuit was massive and tasty to boot, though the exterior was somewhat… firm. The peach preserves hiding amongst the condiments until my server pointed them out are super chunky and delicious. Hash House changes up the fruit selection weekly.

With a few forkfuls of hash left in my skillet along with the better part of the biscuit, I had to throw up my hands and cry "No más!"

I am a big fan of Omelet House’s locations on W. Charleston and in Henderson [see blog post]. That said, if I find myself on Fremont Street with no compatriots to whisk me away for their huge omelets and thinly sliced potatoes, Hash House A Go Go is a welcome alternative. After one of their big-ass breakfasts, I’m atoning with lighter morning fare at The Beat Coffeehouse down the street for at least a couple of days afterward [see blog post].

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