Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From Mob Bar to Don't Tell Mama: A night out in downtown Las Vegas.

Over the holidays on my first night in Vegas left to my own devices I take a stroll down to Fremont East, wander into the Vanguard Lounge and sip on a Daiquiri Bomb. Deliciously sweet and dangerous, a girls’ night out consuming these likely ends up with the occasional swap of body fluids.

Feeling naked without my iPod Touch I reluctantly return to my hotel room to retrieve the device. Exploring the Downtown Third District just north of the Fremont Street Experience I come upon Mob Bar. Looking in I see a black-and-white movie on the tube behind the bar which piques my interest.

Once seated I acquaint myself with Pinto (@Pintonics), the barkeep/mixologist working that night, and seek his expert advice. I drink Spicebox Canadian whisky neat for most of the evening, while enjoying the laid-back Prohibition-era Supper Club vibe here and the 1921 silent flick The Three Musketeers featuring Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.

Two notable exceptions were Spicebox combined with hot apple cider as per suggestion by Pinto, and a delicious cocktail made with Van Gogh Double Espresso vodka, Absolut Vanilla vodka, Baileys Irish Cream and a shot of espresso to end my experience here. With its close proximity to the downtown casino hotels I plan to frequent Mob Bar on future visits.

Afterward I wander about Fremont Street, taking in the dazzling array of neon. Seeking sustenance I was crestfallen to find both Uncle Joe’s Pizza and Kebab Korner both closed for the evening. Walking down Fremont East I scan the various bars and opt for an establishment with no one outside taking cover charges.

Where I settle into is Don’t Tell Mama, an open-mic piano bar bathed mostly in red hues. I down a few gin and tonics while enjoying the talents of the piano player du jour and a singing barkeep with an impressive voice reminiscent of Bette Midler.

Feeling my limit I seek out late-night eats at the Golden Grill in the Gold Spike Hotel & Casino on Ogden St. [see blog post].

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