Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A taste of Tamale's Industry

A few weekends ago I had the chance opportunity to try the food at Tamale’s Industry on the corner of Second and New York.

For starters, soup for appetizer. A vegetable soup with ground beef to be exact, with a choice of red and green salsas to enhance flavor. Adding a dollop of either salsa does make the soup more flavorful, but adding both gives heat and a welcome tomato richness.

The tamale plate comes with rice and beans. The rice with corn was on the bland side whereas the refried beans were more hearty and dusted with a generous dusting of Cojita cheese. The poblano and cheese tamale is quite tasty but rather dry in comparison to the tamales I recently enjoyed in Las Vegas [see blog post]. I think the key factor is to purchase a dozen or so to go and steam at home. My dining partner did so and said they were far better.

Curious about the Tostadas con Cueritos I asked what it was made with. The answer was pickled pig skin. I opted for a tostada with beef, but we were generously offered a sample. It's too hardcore for me but my more adventurous companion was keen to try. She compared it to octopus in sushi: tough and tasteless.

Neither could be said about the tostada made with fall apart beef. Juicy and tender. Delightful presentation.

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Tamale's Industry said...

This is Tamale's Industry, thank you for the kind blog post. One thing, the beans are actually homemade. also, we don't like how those tamales look and we're sorry we weren't on top of our game the day you came and visit. We'd love for you to come again to taste our best. but we're glad you did like the tamales when you took home uncooked frozen and steamed them yourself.