Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A pupusa/taco mashup at Farmers' Market.

At the Des Moines Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings from May through October there's two things that whet my appetite the most: pupusas and tacos.

The pupusa ladies at Pupusas El Salvador rocks out the best pupusas found in these parts [see blog post] – spinach being my favorite. And Sam Auen and the gang at Tacopocalpyse offer some of tastiest nuevo tacos around, as well as the aptly named Breakfast Thing – a corn tortilla quesadilla topped with scrambled egg and your choice of savory meats and vegetarian items [see blog post].

Most times I'm torn between what to enjoy. So one morning I had an idea. First I went to Pupusas El Salvador for a pupusa bursting with spinach and cheese, topped off with slaw and salsa. Then I took my booty around the corner to Tacopacalypse and requested a Breakfast Thing sans the quesadilla, offering my pupusa as an alternative platform to heap upon.

From left: Making pupusas; A handful of spinach and cheese for my pupusa; Hot off the grill.

With all the fixings… what a breakfast! On a chilly visit to Farmers' Market recently I hoped to repeat that experience but was crestfallen to find the pupusa ladies absent. I consoled myself with a special request: a pair of egg tacos.

Tacos are important. Especially when its 32 degrees outside.

From left: Pupusa with curtido (slaw) and hot salsa; Capped off with Breakfast Thing toppings; Egg tacos with cheese.

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