Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quite Over The Top!

This past August I caught wind about the Iowa Sweet Corn ice cream tendered as a Flavor of the Month at Over the Top Chocolate and Ice Cream in Pleasant Hill. Intrigued I was able to exploit a window in the afternoon bus schedule to make a visit.

What can I say about it? Dense, creamy, and "super premium" come to mind. A subtlety sweet corn taste permeates the ice cream, while crisp frozen kernels of sweet corn interspersed throughout offer a delightful surprise!

Sampling further I order a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chunk. The hook that Over The Top offers is to add a tinier scoop of whatever flavor you like on top, gratis. On this occasion I tried the Peanut Butter Belly Buster. Exceptionally peanuty, I resolved to try a proper scoop on my next visit.

As for the Mint Chocolate Chunk, it too does not disappoint. It tastes, well, as it should taste – cool and creamy, with bits of chipped chocolate evenly distributed. It's quite comparable to the Mint Chocolate Chip offered by Eastern Iowa favorite Whitey's Ice Cream, which by the way is now available in pints and quarts at metro-area Hy-Vee stores.

It was well over a month until my next visit to enjoy a proper scoop of the Peanut Butter Belly Buster. Over The Top takes creamy peanut butter ice cream and adds mini-peanut butter cups with ribbons of peanut butter. Truly, a serious fix for your P.B. jones!

Topping my scoop was a sample of Bobbin' for Apples, another Flavor of the Month. Delightfully appley, with delicate tones of cinnamon.

Over The Top also sells a plethora of chocolates and truffles. Sampling a few I was intoxicated with the rich ganache, smooth caramely flavors, crisp pecans, and amusing applications of sea salt. Top-shelf truffles are massive in size and in taste. Quite decadent! Quite Over The Top!

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