Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pizza! Pizza! Visits to Something Italian and Mesa Pizza.

A while back while visiting Something Italian for their Italian Grilled Cheese [see blog post] the gang offered me a slice of a thicker crust pizza they recently developed. Chewy yet crunchy on the bottom, thanks in part to the pizza baker's friend… corn meal.

A few weeks later and feeling down I popped in for a trio of simple slices of cheese, sausage, and pepperoni, built on Something Italian's traditional thin, foldable crust.

After suffering a back injury sustained at an unshoveled Megabus stop and the excruciating three-hour ride to Iowa City over icy washboard roads I sought refuge at the downtown Sheraton. For 24 hours I stayed put in my pricey room, laid up in bed, giving my spasming back a needed rest.

Hunger finally compelled me out of bed to place a carryout order from nearby Mesa Pizza, a favorite of mine for their pantheon of unique pizzas by the slice [see blog post].

Ordering up a Southwest Taco, it sported beef, cheddar, mayonnaisey Southwest sauce, lime and cilantro by the boatload, but peppers, onions, and tomatoes were sparse.

I noshed on pizza for hours, filling my belly for suppertime, eating a couple more slices for a late-night snack, and polishing off the last for breakfast… a little foolhardy lacking a fridge in the room, but it all sat well.

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