Monday, January 28, 2013

Shorty's: Something Somewhat Fancy this way comes.

How many incarnations has their been of Shorty's, the basement bar underneath Sbrocco on Court Avenue? I've lost track. The latest, Shorty's Somewhat Fancy Bar features a menu replete with comfort foods.

Among their hot sandwiches my favorite is the Shummer Shausage Shandwich, a deep-fried, half-inch thick slice of summer sausage on a hamburger bun with cheese is simple, yet inspired. A choice of one side come with with any of their hot sandwiches, on this occasion I sampled a functional green bean casserole.

On afternoons, Shorty's offers up a duo of loose-meat sandwiches for a buck-fifty apiece: a Sloppy Joe, and the Sloppy Giuseppe, made with Italian sausage flecked with peppers and onion. The Giuseppe is a tasty bite!

While partaking a grilled cheese tour of downtown restaurants [see blog post] I tried the grilled cheese and chili combo from the entrée (main course) menu. Both were perfectly fine but not remarkable. On my last visit to Shorty's I settled for a simple basket of cheese curds. I hope to return to Shorty's for puffy tacos, served after ten on Friday and Saturday nights.

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