Sunday, June 9, 2013

The 'gals' at Exile Brewing aim to please.

I've not commented much about Exile Brewing on this blog, except for their weekend brunch. Living within close proximity I've had more opportunities to visit Exile, one of a new generation of local brewers, including Confluence Brewing on Thomas Beck [see blog post], and 515 Brewing on Clive's far-east side [see blog post].

Exile's first offerings shared similar characteristics, notably a high effervescence and some notes of bubblegum of varying degrees in a few brews. Of Exile's four flagship beers I'm fond of Hannah, a Bavarian style Weissbier, and particularly of Betty, a honey blonde lager that I've been enjoying on tap at select bars across the Metro.

Chicks, man.
The beer hall at night.

With the coming of warmer months, Exile has trotted out some seasonal brews that I've taken a shine too. For St. Patrick's Day I was fortunate to try one of the first draws of Brigit, a highly-drinkable oatmeal stout. Nadia, a Czech-style pilsner, is light, refreshing, finishing just a wee bitter. Exile's latest seasonal, Heidi, is a maibock brewed with a hefty 7.2% alcohol by volume (ABV). A full-bodied beer, I'd suggest enjoying this to finish a long day rather as a jump-start for the evening.


Currently in the works at Exile are a dark pilsner and a kölsch. I look forward to their release in a few weeks.

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