Sunday, July 14, 2013

First days in Reno, featuring lunch at Los 4 Vientos
Spring Vacation 2013, Part 3

Sunday, May 5

Second night on the train was a rough one with old man issues. Too lazy to get out of bed so I use my iPhone as a shaving mirror. A fairly uneventful morning across northern Nevada. I enjoy a pre-breakfast screwdriver on the sly, since booze technically isn't dispensed until noon. But being a heavy tipper granted me good favor with the lounge car attendant.

Gray skies greet me as I disembark the train at Reno. Checking up on the weather, rain is forecast through Thursday. How delightful! Seeking a familiar haunt to relax at until my ride arrives, I seek out an iced decaf Americano at Java Jungle, an eclectic, competent coffee bar in the hipster Riverwalk District.

Finally meeting up with Yvonne, I enjoy my first meal in Reno at the Squeeze In. On my plate lay a mess – a Steffi's Mess to be exact – scrambled eggs with spinach, choice of pork or turkey breakfast sausage, onions and cheese, plus a side of home fries. Pretty good, IMHO.

Later we drive up to Lake Tahoe to peruse the overcast view then take a Secret Tunnel Tour at the Cal Neva Resort. The hotel had clearly seen better days, and the tour was mostly taken up with speculation on the activities of mobsters, Sinatra's mob involvements, JFK's assassination, Marilyn Monroe's death, even theories on the Illuminati-inspired symbolism of the artwork decorating the Frank Sinatra Showroom. It wasn't my cup of tea.

Monday, May 6

Morning in Reno and the doggies are yipping at the garbage men. Ate a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast. Awesome with raisins and walnuts.

I spent the morning idling at an outlet mall in Sparks, hoping to score some clearance Chuck Taylors. Selection and prices were both disappointing; the days of clearance Chucks for under $20 are gone. I'm pretty flush at home, but still I am crestfallen.

I tried the Rocky Road fudge at Scheels. Rich, sweet. A serious sugar rush! Should have opted for a plainer fudge. Yvonne and I met up for lunch at Los 4 Vientos. Yvonne ordered a spicy pork torta; myself a trio of chorizo tacos washed down with Modelo Especial. Solid Mexican food.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for including us in your write-up! Love the Steff's Mess!
-Squeeze In