Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Friday in Omaha: Revisiting the Mexican Casserole at the 11-Worth Cafe.

Back in September I took another opportunity to visit Omaha, this time spending a weekend there to tie-up some travel arrangements. Instead of boarding a pre-dawn Megabus like my last trip [see blog post], this time I opted for a ride over on a Burlington Trailways bus a few hours later in the morning.

With a few hours to go before check-in, I walked the half-mile over to the 11-Worth Cafe – one of my favorite breakfast places in the country – to revisit one of my favorite breakfast dishes—the Mexican Casserole.

The Mexican Casserole, the sides, and the beatific end result.

Its a heck of a heaping helping of seasoned ground beef, hash browns, onion, tomato, jalapeƱo, green bell pepper, and mushroom, glued together with American and Swiss cheese, then further topped with cheddar jack.

Good gravy, what more could you want? Hmm… gravy. How about sausage gravy and poached eggs atop that glorious mess? Which is what I did, plus a toasted English muffin from Rotella's Italian Bakery.

With most of my breakfast tucked away, I leisurely retraced by steps back down Leavenworth, taking a few photos along the way [see blog post].

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