Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tacopocalypse settles down.

Since its inception a few years back, Tacopocalypse has been the wandering vagabond of the nouveau taco, with Tuesday appearances at the Cumming Tap and the Saturday morning Downtown Farmers Market [see blog post], the latter arrangement ending with the 2012 season after never-ending exasperations with the Market’s organizers. Along the way Tacopocalypse also became a fixture at various events around town.

Seeking roots Chef Sam Auen settled into an arrangement with the owners of the short-lived Bombay Bicycle Club, off 86th & Hickman, to operate within the bar. The venture continued on when the place changed hands and became The Point [see blog post].

Last year, unburdened with the demands of the Farmers Market, Chef Sam sought out a more permanent base and settled into the old Luna Bistro location at 621 Des Moines St., on the fringe of the trendy East Village district.

On visiting the new digs I ordered the BOD (burrito of the day) with hominy, potato and slaw, plus vegan chorizo, and topped with a queso blanco and roasted tomatoes. The tomatoes were the clear highlight of the dish; I found the tortilla to be the weakest ingredient – it dominated the other starches. Since I’ve been told you can get the BOD sans tortilla, and as a consequence a lot more on the plate.

Breakfast nachos, a holdover from the The Point, were sufficiently tasty but some of the taters were on the cool side. I could not decide whether it was an oversight in preparation, or the result of heat transfer with the cool slaw. Although the slaw rests on top, as pictured below, it first came to my table missing the eggs and in direct contact with the potatoes. The omission was quickly fixed, even before I had a chance to comment. There were no qualms with the side of salsa verde. Exhibiting good heat, spice, and flavor, I'd do shots of it. Yes, on occasion I do drink salsa.

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