Saturday, September 13, 2014

Libations enjoyed at local watering holes.

There's many colors in the Confluence Brewing rainbow. Confluence's Wee Lassie, A Scottish session ale leaves behind such prominent lacing.

Who needs a glass at the Fire House Lounge with a mini-pitcher of Exile Brewing's gold lager Ruthie? Behind the bar at the Fire House Lounge the wheel spins about every half-hour for a chance to win a drink. I had two chances with my glass of George Dickel No. 12, a Tennessee whiskey hard-to-find behind-the-bar. I've yet to win a spin.

Any day is a good day for a little bit of everything at 515 Brewing. But on this occasion the Wired Heifer stout was inspiring. Impish head dissipates quickly, but the robust coffee flavor remains strong and true. To quote Worf, "Warrior's drink!"

They pour a generous drink at Buddy's Corral. In this instance, Wild Turkey 101 on the rocks. Buddy’s is as comfortable as it gets for a watering hole in the East Village. Afternoons are a good time for more mature men such as myself to enjoy a fine beverage here, away from braying of hipsters and bicyclists gathered down the street at the Locust Tap.

I’m also a lifelong fan of Guinness Extra Stout and Buddy’s Corral is one of the few places in town that stocks it. It’s not the mother’s milk of a well-poured pint of keg Guinness, but far more heady and robust. The perfect beer for a man long weaned off the tit <wink>.

Next door at The Blazing Saddle I can enjoy a cocktail alongside a more eclectic crowd. In this instance it was Hendricks Gin shaken, with a twist. Perfection.

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