Sunday, September 14, 2014

Random Bites of Detritus: Breakfast Pasty, coffee-lid bling, wontons, Big Daddy's hot sauce

The Royal Mile has been offering a weekend menu of classic English pub breakfast fare since St. Patrick’s weekend. Though in presentation I’ve been told it looks like a plateful of sick, there’s no doubting the deliciousness of The Royal Mile’s Breakfast Pasty. A crisp puff-pastry crust enrobes a filling of ground pork and beef, potatoes, parsnips, and scrambled egg. The pasty is then topped with the questionable looking but downright tasty banger gravy. Served with a side of sautéed tomatoes and mushrooms, its bloody well right!

Scooter’s Coffee House offers appropriate beverage bling for any season.

I was gifted a batch of homemade wontons from Rachael Loose, classic pick-up truck aficionado and a former manager/barista at the downtown AMICI Espresso where Scooter's Coffee House now resides. Crisp-edged wonton wrappers enrobe a filling of ground pork, shiitake mushroom, green onion, bean sprout, and black fungus. My first thought was to build a hot and spicy wonton soup. It was good, but I missed the crispy edges.

Not too much earlier at an expo at Hy-Vee Hall I happened upon a table stocked full of sauces from Big Daddy’s BBQ. It didn't take much tongue-twisting to buy a couple bottles of their fruity hot sauces. For the remaining wontons I heated them up in a small non-stick skillet and adorned them simply with dollops of Big Daddy's Flamin' Mango. Ah, the givers of pain …and delight!

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