Sunday, April 17, 2016

Recent breakfasts: Papa Kerns Cafe, Bailey's Pub and Grub, The Cub Club

Hearty fare at Papa Kerns Cafe. Denver Omelet, left, with hash browns, country gravy, and English muffin. Yellow and orange bell peppers in my omelet were a big win! A splendid mess: the Stacker, right, with hash browns, biscuits, and sausage patties, topped with country gravy; plus eggs over easy on top.

Loaded Hash Browns, featuring three meats, peppers and onions, topped with Graziano Brothers Italian sausage-laced gravy at Bailey's Pub and Grub at 918 E. Euclid. Eggs atop were an add-on. The gravy was chunky, zesty, and sported a reddish tinge from the sausage.

A Whole Hog omelet at the Cub Club with bacon, ham, and sausage, topped with Colby Jack cheese, plus cheesy potato casserole and an English muffin. The omelet was very clean tasting, and I immediately regretted a knee-jerk splash of Tabasco which masked the flavor. The meats were finely diced and quite uniform.

The cheesy potato casserole threw me for a loop, assuming at first I had gotten simple hash browns instead. What I found was some Colby Jack mixed into the potatoes before browning on the grill. Its not so much a casserole but more like a potato pancake. I'm hopeful regular hash browns crisp up well sans the cheese treatment.

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