Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Breakfast at Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Its nice to finally have a year-round, seven-days-a-week, all-day breakfast burrito in the downtown area with the opening of a Fuzzy's Taco Shop on the corner of S.W. Third & W. MLK; but more importantly Fuzzy's opens early enough at 7 a.m. If I were a third-shifter I'd find myself frequenting this place for a post-work bite.

On my first visit I was swayed away from ordering a burrito by a breakfast sandwich. The Big Fuzz featured soft, hamburger bun-like telera bread with two fried eggs, bacon crumbles, shredded cheese, and pickled jalapeƱos, plus a side of Latin-fried potatoes.

Latin-fried potatoes come as a side with all breakfast plate dishes, and inside select breakfast burritos and tacos. The potatoes I had were overdone, being crunchy rather than crisped, and tasted slightly burned; liberal amounts of Fuzzy's house hot sauce were needed. A gentler bath in hot oil would make these potatoes quite fine. As for the sandwich the break of the yolk on the over-easy egg nestled within was quite the highlight.

Fuzzy's Butt Burnin' Hot Sauce brings forth a solid cayenne kick, and is thicker than most store-bought table sauces; its a good middle-ground between Louisiana Hot Sauce and Cholula. There's a habanero variety as well, but surprisingly not as picante as the original, IMHO. On my next visits I fared much better with Fuzzy's breakfast burritos. The burritos are quite good and a bargain at around five bucks a piece.

A bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast burrito offered fairly good proportions of ingredients, with scrambled egg most definitely made from cracked eggs. I love the crispness of the bacon bits, and there's more cheese in the build than I expected. The chorizo, egg, and cheese breakfast burrito is my favorite of the bunch. Its tasty yet the mild chorizo used should be agreeable for most palates. And a quick, simple scrambled egg and cheese burrito goes for about four bucks.

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