Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chilaquiles at Tony's Mexican of Las Vegas

On the day after Christmas, I had a simple but delightful breakfast at Tony’s Mexican Restaurant in the Asher Plaza shopping area on W. Craig. Tony’s also has four other locations scattered across the Las Vegas area.

The table salsa has a pleasing texture and the spiciness is a good kick-start to the morning. Better than average.

My tablemates ordered up a bacon breakfast burrito and huevos rancheros, while I went for the chilaquiles, a Mexican breakfast staple of fried corn tortilla strips mixed with scrambled egg then covered in a spicy red sauce.

The huevos rancheros garnered no negative comments and the breakfast burrito was praised for its crispy bacon and the presence of green chile. As for my dish, the chilaquiles were both simple and delightful, and the best I’ve had since the chilaquiles I had eaten at the Ceres Cafe in Chicago back in 2010 [see blog post].

The slight pungent aroma of crumbly Cotija atop the chilaquiles was a nice introduction, the crisp corn tortilla strips were just pliant enough to spear a forkful, and the smooth spicy red sauce rounded off the dish with a zesty heat that catches up after the first few bites.

It’s not the flashiest breakfast served in Las Vegas, not by a longshot, nor it is the biggest. But Tony’s Mexican is worth a visit for simple, comforting eats.

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