Thursday, December 15, 2011

Game Day Breakfast platter at Jethro's. Game over, man.

Nary a bit of sausage in the overtly-seasoned gravy, and the portion is rather light atop the heavy, dense biscuits. If you're in the neighborhood opt for the Waveland Cafe's more satisfying offering [see blog post].

The hash browns have a nice brown top, but once you get past this veneer they're quite wan and unremarkable. The chili on top is rather sweet, and sports less spice than the gravy on the aforementioned biscuits.

I was able to salvage this gut-busting meal by adding my eggs on top with liberal dashes of Cholula hot sauce.

I must admit to a lunch visit here a few years back where I was served the most overcooked, desiccated smoked sausage I have ever eaten. Sadly, this trip has only slightly improved on that experience.

For a weekend breakfast, without tricking someone into a road trip to the Crouse Cafe in Indianola, Mullets is still my top choice [see blog post].

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Anonymous said...

Ewww. That doesn't even look good! I enjoyed Jethro's tenderloin, with that a side drink and some tip was VERY expensive though. In fairness the loin was HUGE but I would prefer it be smaller, less waffle fries and lower the price. Don't think their actual BBQ is that good either.